Highly recommended! Beautiful building with sentimental memories. ~Hannah C.

Unequaled Charm & History

For over 100 years, the Wichita Scottish Rite has been a caretaker for one of the most distinctive and opulent buildings in Wichita. At Venue 332, we host weddings, receptions, reunions, corporate business meetings, special events, and more. If you have had or attended an event in our facility, you know of its beauty and charm.


For rental information on Venue 332, please give us a call at 316.263.4218. You can schedule a time to come visit our available spaces in person, and determine how we can best serve your needs. Thank you for considering Venue 332 at Wichita Scottish Rite for your next event.


Constructed in 1908 as the first addition to the primary footprint of the building, the auditorium is a showpiece of the craftsmanship of the day. The seating is arranged in a traditional two level design. The main floor offers a flexible seating option while the balcony provides additional seating for a total accommodation of up to 700. The stained glass work is unparalleled, with the fifteen foot diameter domed “sunlight” showcasing the blending of style and elegance.

The stage contains a total of 102 scene “flats” that were hand painted in the early 1900s and shipped by railcar to the facility and installed…and are still all in working order. They provide a variety of backgrounds that prove to provide a custom feel to any performance or presentation. There is also a fully operational pipe organ, sound system and stage lighting.




Dining Hall

The Dining Hall is highly adaptable to a variety of seating layouts. For a dining layout, it can accompany 450 people comfortably. It can also be configured to have row seating in chairs and dining tables at the same time to accommodate two types of scenarios during the same gathering.

If it is a wedding you are planning, the Grand Staircase in the East of the Grand Dining Hall offers a beautiful focus for your entrance and on which you may exchange your vows.



Egyptian Room

The Egyptian Room is suitable for intimate weddings or meetings. It also has a unique display of 100 year old stained glass windows, which are the third level windows of the “turret.”

Egyptian Room

Crystal Room

Crystal RoomIn the Crystal Room, sunlight comes through the East windows and shines through a wall of crystal windows, casting a beautiful light into the space. It is suitable for smaller, more subdued gatherings and can accommodate 40 – 50 guests.






The annex, located just off of the Grand Dining Hall, is suitable for small gatherings, birthday parties, anniversary celebrations as well as adjacent activities to the Grand Dining Hall. It is also conveniently located next to the commercial kitchen for easy service.



Once utilized as a billiards room, our library was transformed in 1965, to the serene and comforting space that it is today. This space is fitting for workshops, business meetings and small gatherings.








With light streaming through the wall of windows to create a bright and welcoming space, the chapel is perfect for small weddings. This intimate setting is great for weddings with 25 or fewer guests.









General Photography Sessions

The Wichita Scottish Rite building and grounds are also available for photography sessions. Photography sessions are to be limited to Egyptian Room, Lobby, Main Dining Hall, Crystal Room, and Auditorium. Photos may be taken in hallways and on staircases connecting the main rooms. Guests will have access to the third floor dressing room for changing and storage of personal items.

The Wichita Scottish Rite may be rented for senior photos, wedding photos, engagement photos, etc. The Wichita Scottish Rite does not allow any inappropriate photography.

A major part of Wichita history for more than 120 years