Salve Frater…welcome Brother.

Joining a Masonic Blue Lodge is the first step, and is where the Masonic journey begins. This journey is one that you alone control. As is true with life, the return you receive from Freemasonry is a function of the time and energy which you invest.

For hundreds of years, a man desiring to be a Freemason had to ask a member permission to join. Not just once, but three different times. After he asked for a third time, the potential member was allowed to begin the process of becoming a mason.

As time has gone on that tradition has changed, and members will freely ask men, who they think would make good masons, to join. As well, men who want to join a lodge can ask a member about joining and then proceed with the membership process.

Potential members must fill out a petition in order to join a masonic lodge. After the petition is completed, an investigating committee will interview the potential member and his family. Then, the lodge will vote on the petition and a unanimous vote will elect the potential member into full membership. The new member will then be scheduled to take his first degree.

If you are a man, at least 18 years of age, believe in God, and looking for a place to explore the deeper meanings of your existence with some of the best men you will ever meet, then begin the journey and contact us. Our fundamental tenant is based on the sovereignty and free will afforded each of us, granted by the Grand Architect of the Universe.

Most of what we experience in life today lacks the “face to face” presence of a bygone era. We are expected to act certain ways, to have certain conceptions, to fill certain roles in this transient existence. We text people in the next room, or email people that we have never met. Scottish Rite Freemasonry expands on the fundamental tenets expounded in the Blue Lodge by bringing together those Brothers from diverse Lodges in a common setting to achieve further philosophical and charitable accomplishments: to fulfill our obligation to our Creator through internal development and external practices.

Most of society has forgotten what it is like to share ideas with people face to face, whose family we know, and to contribute to charities where the proceeds are distributed at the local level and provide tangible benefits that will resonate throughout our immediate society, quite often for generations hence. The paradigm in which we live today is a far cry from what it was when our majestic Scottish Rite building was put on the trestle board. The exterior of this solid building is in many ways an outward reflection of our personal journey: Vastly enriched with patience and study, but whose ultimate reward cannot be attained on Earth.

We won’t claim to know all the answers, but we will pledge our best to be to you that which we ourselves seek… an estimable fellow traveler on this plane of time.

…Salve Frater.

Petition for Membership

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Petition for Restoring Membership

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