WSR Facilities Calendar

This calendar shows ONLY those organizations and events using the WSR facilities.  They do NOT include events that may conflict outside of the building.

Please coordinate any additions, deletions or changes with the WSR Assistant General Secretary and with the affected organization.

These organizations have coordinated the use of Wichita Scottish Rite facilities through their Ambassador or the General Secretary's Office.  Check this calendar to de-conflict your activities and to reduce the probability of 'locking someone in the building'. Time blocks generally start 30 minutes prior to a scheduled meeting for preparation and end 60 minutes after meetings for coordination and cleanup.


The 2nd Floor (2FL) facilities include the small lodge room (-SLR), office space (-OF), small conference room (-SRC), wardrobe and paraphernalia (-WP), and large conference room (-LCR).

The Lower Level (-LL) is inclusive and consists of the large 'lodge room' area, conference/study area, dining room and kitchen facilities.

Since these are all shared areas it is essential that areas be cleaned after every use.

Contact [email protected] to schedule, correct, change or RSVP.