Automatic Membership Renewal Program

In direct response to input from our Brothers, the Supreme Council of the Scottish Rite, SJ has created an “Automatic Membership Renewal Program” to pay your annual Dues giving you the option of having your dues automatically deducted from your credit or debit card using the online Scottish Rite Membership Portal.

This is a completely optional program and is available now by visiting and clicking on “MY VALLEY”.

The automatic deduction will occur in August annually and the payment will be applied to the following Dues year.  You will receive an email reminder a few days prior to the payment being processed. You may opt-out of the program at any time.

We hope this will help you avoid the “end-of-year” Masonic  dues-crunch that so many of us experience.


Dean R. Alban, 33°
Director of Membership Services
Supreme Council, 33° | Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, SJ, USA
Direct: 202-777-3109 |

FAQ about the program:

How will the system differentiate between Valleys with differing Dues?

The billing structure will not change as the result of the “Automatic Membership Renewal Program”.  Every Valley currently has a Control Page in Sentinel that displays its Dues structure.  The billing system is programmed to use this Valley Dues structure information to calculate each member’s Dues.   The “Automatic Membership Renewal Program” will charge a member’s credit or debit card at the appropriate time and amount, working as it currently works to calculate Dues.

How will the system handle those Valleys that have fewer than 4 Bodies or Brothers with memberships in multiple Valleys?           

The “Automatic Membership Renewal Program” will work the same as it works today for online payments or payments by mail, except it will be automatic.  It will automatically enroll the member in the proper Bodies of each Valley based on his personal Dues record in Sentinel.  
Please explain the timeline from Dues payment to Supreme Council, and the transfer of the Valley funds, and the charge per member for the service. What amount of the Dues will be withheld and when will the Valley get the check?

How and when the Finance Office handles monies received from Members, and the amount withheld will remain unchanged from the current system.